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Hmm. What to say? I'm sort of a geek. I am obsessed with music. I am ashamed of how much vinyl I have. I listen to a lot of punk rock and hip hop. Is that weird? I like playing with my car and fixing things. Some of my friends call me MacGyver. If you liked MacGyver, you're cool with me.

I'm a hopeless romantic. And I'm a sucker for pretty eyes and a good love song. So sue me.
240s, 420, against me!, alkaline trio, all the president's men, alphabet aerobics, austin, available light photography, bangin techno, bass, bassdrive, bjork, blue eyes, blunts, bouncing souls, bratmobile, broadways, burning rubber, cameras, cat pictures, cats, chicago, chronic, coffee, cognitive dissonance, collecting things, conspiracy theories, creative tendencies, cute people, cynics, dank, deep house, diggin in the crates, dirty south, distillers, dope.org, dr. pepper, driving fast, drumcode, duckman, duct tape, east bay punk, español, evil drum&bass, eyes, fast cars, fast volvos, fireworks, fixing things, freedom of speech, gabber, geeks, ghetto, girl bands, girls who drive stick, grey cats, guitars, guns n roses, handmade glass, happy bunny, hard techno, her space holiday, hi-chew, hip hop, hip-hop, home movies, hoodies, hopeless romantics, horchata, horrible movies, house music, impeccable taste in music, indica, indie rock, industrial landscapes, intelligence, jazz, jungle, juxtap0sed, kicha, kittens, knife hits, knowing looks, love songs, macgyver, magic eyes, mayonnaise, media influence, mix cds, mixtape revolution, mixtapes, oldskool jump-up, operation ivy, packrats, parker posey, people who like cats, photography, pirate radio, pixies, proper english, public enemy, punk, punk rock, punk rock girls, punk rock love songs, purple, ragga jungle, rear wheel drive, riotgrrlz, rotten library, sarcasm, ska, ska-core, skeptics, slapstick, sleepovers, smart people, smiles, social distortion, spanglish, spelling things correctly, stickers, stoner engineering, sublime, subwoofers, sugarcubes, sushi, svek, tanya donnelly, techno, thai food, the breakfast club, thomas krome, tiger army, tiger trap, too many records, tuna salad, turbos, turntablism, twin peaks, typical cats, ugk, unagi, vinyl, volvos, wasabi peas, wd-40, whataburger, zeitgeist