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Friday, March 11th, 2005
6:44 pm - Got myself tagged
So, after about 5 years of "thinking about it" I finally went out and got myself tattooed with Heather. She was getting Robots tattooed on her wrists, so I decided that we would go together and defile our bodies in unison. Besides, we both needed someone to take pictures. I got a wickedly bloody pic of heather's wrist as it was getting ground up, and some other pretty cool pictures.. If anyone wants to see them. So anyway, this is what I got:

The Alkaline Trio logo.. Yes the fucking alkaline trio logo. I dont care what you think. I love it. Seeing as how love and death are recurring themes in my life, and probably will be until I die, I think this is appropriate for a permanent symbol that is representative of me and how fucking emo I get. I think I also wanted some sort of permanent reminder of this part of my life, in case I were to somehow forget. Anyway, so I just wanted to share that, and also do my "once every few months" LJ post.. What do y'all think? I will get some better pictures once it's not so fresh, but here it is:

p.s. Do u guys like my new user pic? Heather took it :)

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Friday, December 31st, 2004
1:12 pm - Airport Rant
Well, it is officially New Year's Eve, and I am sitting in O'Hare Airport, waiting for a chance to get on a flight at 2:30 - If I'm lucky. Since I have nothing to do, and I have been wandering around the airport aimlessly for the last 2 hours, I'll share my boring story.

Woke up early (actually, didn't go to sleep the night before) and made sure I was ready to go for my 10:15 flight. So we decide to check ahead to see if the flight is on time. Bad move. United says the flight is delayed by 30 minutes, so I figure we have a few extra minutes to show up to the airport. OK, so I get to the airport at about 9:15 for my 10:15 Flight, which is now scheduled to leave at 10:45. My flight leaves from O'Hare terminal 2. So, I get dropped off at Terminal 2 and look around (hopelessly) for the United Check-In. After not finding it, I ask a guy, who laughs (seriously) and tells me that there is no United desk or check-in at Terminal 2 - You have to check in your bags at Terminal 1, and then walk back to terminal 2 to get to your flight. WTF? Of course it doesn't have this kind of information on the ticket. Of course. So I proceed to lug almost 100 pounds of baggage down the sidewalk, through a construction area, to Terminal 1 - Pulling all sorts of muscles in the process. And anyone who's been to O'Hare will tell you that this place is friggin' huge. Anyway, so I finally find United's check-in desks. I check the departure board quickly to make sure my flight has not been further delayed, but the board still says 10:45 (It's almost 9:30 now). So I go to check in, and the computer tells me I can't check in now. I get someone's attention, who types on a computer for awhile and tells me that I've missed my check-in. I explain that the flight is delayed by 30 minutes and she calls someone to ask if I can get my bags on the plane since it's been delayed. Then she types some more stuff in the computer and says that the flight is now suddenly on time. THEY UN-DELAYED MY FLIGHT??? I turn around, and sure enough, the board now says my flight is ON TIME! In the time that I was tlaking to the clerk, the flight is somehow un-delayed. She has no explanation for this, but it is now 9:32 AM and I have missed the 45minute check-in deadline for my flight by 2 FUCKING MINUTES. She offers me a stand-by ticket for a 2:30 flight which is oversold AND has other people waiting in stand-by. There is another flight at 4:30, and another one at 7:30. Hopefully, I can get on one of those, she says. P.S. It's her last day! Isn't that special? To make matters worse, once I get through security (after getting the full "Special" search) I look back at the board and THE FLIGHT IS NOW DELAYED AGAIN!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!?! Now scheduled to leave at 10:45, I make a mad dash for the gate in hopes that I can convince them to let me on the plane. As I get near the gate, the next board says 10:25. When I finally get to the gate, it is ON-TIME AGAIN, The people have already boarded and I'm shit out of luck. Trying to be nice I guess, the lady at the gate offers me a boarding pass for the 7:50 flight to Austin, in case I can't get on the other ones. She wonders out loud why the first lady didn't offer me a ticket on the 7:50 flight. Good fucking question. ARGH!!!

So yeah, long story short, I am waiting to maybe (probably not) get on a 2:30 flight, and my baggage will be on that flight even if I'm not. If not, I get a shot at a 4:something flight, and if I miss that, I get to fly out at 7:50 , which puts me back in austin sometime between 11PM and MIDNIGHT ON NEW YEARS FUCKING EVE. If I miss new years because of these jackasses, I'm going to be seriously pissed. I'm doing fine now, but I didn't sleep last night (since i had to get up at 7am anyway) and I'm gonna be pretty fucking irritable if I don't get to austin until 11. If I do, I'm hauling ass in a taxi up to the party, luggage and all. I seriously hope this doesnt happen, because I will be barely awake by this point. OK, so that's my rant. If I'm lucky, I'll find a place to get a connection here. I spent about an hour walking around the various terminals with NetStumbler trying to find an access point. I finally got a very weak t-mobile signal sitting by the window in a big glass hallway. With any luck I can get a connection long enough to post this.


Well if I miss it, Happy New Years Everyone! <3 Justin

P.S. Heather said she would come pick me up even if it's late, and I just want to say that Heather officially kicks ass. Not that you all didn't know that already.

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Monday, December 27th, 2004
3:34 am - pics of chicago
Hi.. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. :) I made out pretty well, my mom got me two 80gig hard drives and a 256meg card for my camera. Sweet.. And my brother got me the Chris Cunningham DVD. Also sweet.. So, anyway, I just wanted to post a couple of pictures I took on the way up here to Chicago. They are pictures of the lights of the city of Chicago at night, from the plane. I have tried several times to get this kind of picture before, but it never worked out because I had a crappy digital camera.. Well, I was able to get some with my new camera this time, and I think they look pretty cool. For anyone that's never seen a big city from overhead at night, its really cool - almost surreal. I wish I had a wide-angle lens, these pics would be better. It is actually really hard to get these kind of pictures out of a moving vehicle because of the low available light (slow shutter speed) and the fact that you are moving 200+ miles an hour, it creates a lot of blur with most cameras. Theyre not like, perfect or anything, but theyre the best ones I've gotten so far and I think they're pretty cool. I didnt want to size them down too much, so... here click for the picsCollapse ) I have a bunch more pics to sort through, so maybe I will post some more if I find any really good ones. Anyway, see everyone in Austin for new years! It's friggin cold up here, I can't wait to get back. Yeah, I'm ready to leave like now. peace -justin

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
5:24 pm
Hmm.. I havent posted in awhile. I'm back in Austin, and it's pretty much the same as when I left. It's still better than Chicago, I guess. School is pretty boring except for a handful of cute girls in a few of my classes. I'm taking Spanish 1, which is muy divertido. Taking a Texas Government class with a total leftie, which is good. (Not that there are a lot of ultra-conservative community college teachers, anyway) Everything else is kinda.. blah. Not great, definitely not bad. Perhaps I miss my Mom, who was one of the few reasons I was back in Chicago at all (I think.)

I need some serotonin. Anybody know where I can get some of that? I hear the DEA has scheduled it under the "No accepted medical use, and high potential for abuse" category.

Someone come keep me company..

current mood: apathetic

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
8:32 am - YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I'm coming back!
Well, hey, what can I say? I'm a little excited.... After much deliberation, I have decided to move back to Austin. Many reasons for this, not the least of which is the pathetic course offerings at my school up here in chicago. ACC's degree programs seem to have a lot more to offer me, and besides the campuses are much nicer. But really, being separated from all my friends for so long has taken a toll on my emotional state, and I decided that it's high time I came back. My recent visit to Austin confirmed that, not only have people not forgotten about me, but that I have a lot of good friends who really love me and would love to have me back.. Like Aaron told me, "Friends need each other."

It was a really tough decision, especially considering that I have a girlfriend up here. But, even she seems to understand why I want to go back (perhaps a testament to my diplomatic skills - i should be a politican). Needless to say, I have been thinking about Austin ever since I moved.. Truth be told, Austin has been in my heart since I first visited almost 8 years ago. Then there's the fact that I basically abandoned my whole life in Texas, largely due to my own personal issues that I could not deal with by myself at the time. I think it's time to pick up where I left off, so to speak.. I have some minor concerns, but they were ultimately not enough to outweigh the up-sides of coming back.. But I will admit, it might be hard for me to really concentrate on school once I get back to everything.. So I hope everyone will understand if I am kinda scarce while I get my school routine sorted out. I will probably be taking 15-17 hours of school, which is no small committment. It's gonna be a lot of work and it's probably gonna kick my ass, but I think it will be worth it. By this time next year, I should be finished with my first college degree, and that will be a definite cause for celebration.

Anyway, I am excited, so I just wanted to share this with anyone out there who might be interested. Since I have less than a month before school starts, I need to get my ass in gear and start planning. I plan to land in Austin next weekend (weekend of august 7-8).

What I need is to find a place to live ASAP! So, if anyone in Austin could help me out by finding any potential places to live, I would really appreciate that. I am looking for a garage apartment or decent sized 1br, central-north part of town. Anywhere north of downtown would be fine. I am on a budget so a cheap (read: shitty) place will work. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Must be cat-friendly of course.

Well that's it for now. Hope everyone is doing good, I miss all of you and will see you soon!


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