Justin (mrscsi) wrote,

pics of chicago

Hi.. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. :) I made out pretty well, my mom got me two 80gig hard drives and a 256meg card for my camera. Sweet.. And my brother got me the Chris Cunningham DVD. Also sweet.. So, anyway, I just wanted to post a couple of pictures I took on the way up here to Chicago. They are pictures of the lights of the city of Chicago at night, from the plane. I have tried several times to get this kind of picture before, but it never worked out because I had a crappy digital camera.. Well, I was able to get some with my new camera this time, and I think they look pretty cool. For anyone that's never seen a big city from overhead at night, its really cool - almost surreal. I wish I had a wide-angle lens, these pics would be better. It is actually really hard to get these kind of pictures out of a moving vehicle because of the low available light (slow shutter speed) and the fact that you are moving 200+ miles an hour, it creates a lot of blur with most cameras. Theyre not like, perfect or anything, but theyre the best ones I've gotten so far and I think they're pretty cool. I didnt want to size them down too much, so... here

The pics show the city Chicago proper, along with the southside. The big round dark spot is the southern end of Lake Michigan. It would be cool to figure out the scale of these pictures.

Also, here is a great picture I snapped as I was getting on my plane.. I wish all the pictures I took looked this good...

I have a bunch more pics to sort through, so maybe I will post some more if I find any really good ones. Anyway, see everyone in Austin for new years! It's friggin cold up here, I can't wait to get back. Yeah, I'm ready to leave like now. peace -justin

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