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Got myself tagged

So, after about 5 years of "thinking about it" I finally went out and got myself tattooed with Heather. She was getting Robots tattooed on her wrists, so I decided that we would go together and defile our bodies in unison. Besides, we both needed someone to take pictures. I got a wickedly bloody pic of heather's wrist as it was getting ground up, and some other pretty cool pictures.. If anyone wants to see them. So anyway, this is what I got:

The Alkaline Trio logo.. Yes the fucking alkaline trio logo. I dont care what you think. I love it. Seeing as how love and death are recurring themes in my life, and probably will be until I die, I think this is appropriate for a permanent symbol that is representative of me and how fucking emo I get. I think I also wanted some sort of permanent reminder of this part of my life, in case I were to somehow forget. Anyway, so I just wanted to share that, and also do my "once every few months" LJ post.. What do y'all think? I will get some better pictures once it's not so fresh, but here it is:

p.s. Do u guys like my new user pic? Heather took it :)
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